Urine Drug Tests

Because drug use is almost immediately detectable in an individual’s urine, hundreds of thousands of urine drug tests are administered every year. Tests may be administered to detect a single substance or up to a dozen classes of drugs.

While many companies have begun utilizing the hair follicle test for pre-employment, the 5 panel urine test continues to be the most commonly used test for pre-employment, random, post accident and reasonable suspicion test.

The majority of illegal substances remain in the urine for up to a week, with the exception of marijuana which can leave detectable traces for up to a month, particularly in the case of heavy users.

Urine Drug Screening 101:

Numerous factors influence how long drugs remain present in the system given that every body functions differently. Some of these factors include the amount of drugs that were consumed, metabolic rate, and the volume of fluids that have been excreted after the drug use.

Various types of urine drug tests exist, each one designed to test for a different combination of substances. The standard test screens for the most predominant street drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, PCP, and opiates. Prescription drugs, performance enhancing drugs, date rape drugs, club drugs and alcohol usage can also be detected with a simple urine drug test at an Accredited Drug Testing center.

Prior to releasing the results, findings of all urine drug tests are reviewed by a licensed medical review officer. This period allows time for individuals taking legally prescribed medicine to provide the necessary medication documentation before the final report is released. Typically results of a negative urine drug test are released within 48 hours of the specimen reaching the laboratory.  If a urine sample requires any further confirmation testing, additional analysis time may be required.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Testing

Schedule a Drug Test, a division of Accredited Drug Testing, Inc. has locations are prepared to follow DOT mandated protocols for collection procedures, collection facility environment, and collector certification. In addition to urine drug tests as well as breath alcohol testing. Our certified technicians are available for on-site testing, meaning that employees can complete their urine drug tests within their usual shifts. Discount pricing is also available for multiple tests and prepayment.

DOT only recognizes a 5 panel urine drug test and a breath alcohol test. All DOT drug test must utilize a “Federal Chain of Custody form” DOT does not permit instant result test. All DOT drug tests must be sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory for analysis and reviewed by a Medical Review Officer(MRO)

Pros & Cons of Urine Drug Tests:

  • Urine drug tests are ideal for detecting recent drug use as chemical compounds are immediately present in the urine.
  • Detectable compounds may pass through the body in a matter of days.
  • Observed collection diminishes chances of cheating, though this can be more challenging to ensure.
  • Urine drug tests are generally more affordable than hair drug screening.

Urine Drug Test Myth Busters:

  • Passive exposure to an illegal substance (second hand smoke, for example) can be detected in urine, however actual consumption of the drug will appear at significantly higher concentrations.
  • While drinking large quantities of liquids in an effort to dilute urine samples may reduce the overall concentration, no beverages contain metabolite reducing or negating abilities able to “cover up” drug usage.
  • Observed collection diminishes chances of cheating, though this can be more challenging to ensure.